Dragon Ball Rebirth

Most powerfull guilds

+5% more exp


9125 points


6810 points

RevivalS TM

2790 points

Floripa Squad

1630 points
05.04.16 - Sprzedaż DBRebirth!

19.03.16 - Znudzony DBR?

Zapraszam do nowej rozrywki
17.02.16 - New Quest

New quest at Cronos! 1000lvl min + 4 players.
15.02.16 - Promocja 50%!

02.12.15 - Dbrebirth v3

31.08.15 - New item in IS

-nowy item w IS - Extra effect, zmienia piorunki po fpq/fspq(wieksze i zalezne od koloru aury)
-bramka na spq zmieniona z 550 lvla na 450
-poprawiono kilka bugow na mapach


-new item in IS - Extra Effect, which will give you new lightnings on your character after fpq/fspq(bigger and depend on your color of aura)
-gate to spq changed from lvl 550 to 450
-few bugs fixed

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