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13.03.15 - Ważne / Important!

Na dniach odbędzie się czyszczenie bazy danych.
Postacie z lvlem ponizej 1500 ktore nie logowaly sie od 30 dni zostana usuniete.
Postacie z lvlem ponizej 3000 ktore nie logowaly sie od 2 miesiecy zostana usuniete.

Jesli nie chcesz stracic konta, zaloguj sie na nie i tyle
01.03.15 - About riders

From now, you can take only one mission per time!
Young dino for 300lvl
Pterodactyl for 400lvl
Dino for 600lvl
Dragon for 800lvl
27.02.15 - New items

New items in Item Shop!
- aura reset will reset your color of aura - 2pp
- 5 premium points scroll, you can trade it - 5pp
26.02.15 - Update v2.3

Rider system info in menu under commands!
10.02.15 - Update v2.2

Today I added new quest for black saiyan power/makankosappo/ki blast!
Search NPC called "Spy" somewhere on Immega!
He will tell you what to do...

Every day at 18.00 Omega Shenron event starts(part of quest).
Have a nice day.
31.01.15 - Pz Lock

There is now new command:
!pz - gives you information about your pz(after player kill) in seconds!
!money - now gives you real information about golds in your bp... 100g = 100g!

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