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254 kills


233 kills

Zera Z Dbr Return

217 kills


166 kills
28.01.15 - Forum

Forum isnt working right now, i am waiting for respond from support.

After night reset some of maps will be changed
25.01.15 - Update v2.1

There might be bugs on map because of new graphics, but i will fix them!
The quest is located somewhere on nova!(4 people need)
Have fun.
20.01.15 - news

- New item in IS - mission cheat
- deleted charge
18.01.15 - Planets

Now every planet is free!, you dont have to be on benefits!
In future there will be tickets for some planets, but not now...
Have fun!
18.01.15 - Next

- stamina chocolate is now available in Item Shop NPC!
- !teleport now working without premium!
- MP/HP bonus and power recovery are working without premium!
17.01.15 - Change name

Option change name now is available in intem shop!
Only for 2 pp!

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